Will RSS Links Help?

A lots of sites provide RSS feeds for everything but there are a lot of links out there that  don’t have a convenient RSS feed associated with them. We’re going to take a look at ways to create RSS feeds for your links when there isn’t a handy one you can just grab.

Sign up for a free account at http://Wordpress.com

Try to use relevant keywords in your username as it’ll be part of the URL of your blog. Don’t forget you can keep using your Gmail account over and over by adding +1, +2 to the end of the address.
Once you’ve filled in the details you’ll need to verify your email address as always.

Once you have verified your account and logged in choose Posts -> “Add New” from the right hand menu; Enter some keyword relevant text for your post. Use a PLR paragraph or something like that. Then use the link button highlighted above to create a link to your main site and a link to whatever backlink you’re trying to index/boost. Note: You have to highlight some text before the link button becomes active.

This is the popup you’ll see when you click the link button. Enter the URL of wherever you want to link to and put some relevant keywords into the “Title” box’ Once you’ve created your post don’t forget a title, added your text and linked out to your site and backlink pages click the publish button top right; Click on visit site to be taken to the front page of your blog.

At the very bottom of the page you’ll find a link called “Entries (RSS)”. Right click on that and choose “copy link location” or “copy shortcut” depending on your browser and you’ll have an RSS feed containing links to your main site and your backlink page. This feed can be used with all the RSS submission sites listed in for more backlink juice pushing your sites up the rankings.

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