Link Building Resources

  1. 1. Website health and performance checking websites, SEO performance checking websites.
    Those traces left over the website checking websites are playing less and less importance in google’s ranking mechanism. I think it plays less than 5% of the total cafeterias.
  2. 2. Business directories
    Yes, submit your URL to as many directories as you can. This is frustrating and time consuming. Many professional junk directories will try their best to push you to pay for the link. Free submission is rare. The number could be thousands of directories. Some people owns hundreds of their own junk directories. Only 3-5 will be organised by Google out of their hundreds. You ended up paying anything from $30 to $300 buying only less than 5 links which will show up in your Google Webmaster links list.
  3. Link exchange is TOTALLY a waste of time. I have never done any exchanges, but there are many people believe so, my words are “good luck”.)