Success Story:

Success Story:

I started this number one ranked website in March 2015. The website ranked top for multiple key words and phrases locally. On June 2015 it is on top already, it took three month for google to rank it from a fresh new site to the No. 1 service brand in this business.

cctv installer auckland
cctv installation auckland
security cameras installer auckland

And more choices. If you search locally it’s on top too without “Auckland”

How I achieved it?

I focus on two aspects:

1. Meaningful and useful information, related to the business, and pretty much what really people care about and what they want to know…there are plenty of information about website content already. I have 149 pages indexed in Google. This is not a large number, I did not need to work harder because I basically only need probably 30 pages more than my competitors.

2. back links: Current Google caculation is about 1700, Google webmaster Total Links count is 5507; While the “Top 91 domains that have links to pages on your site” is a more important data to check. It means to me that I have links from basically 91 domains which are counted by Google. I noticed once it reached 70, the website is already on top.

This means whatever kind of links from different independent domains are really really important.

Should the links be from websites of related topics?

Of course the more related the better. However, in this ranking business we are not after a perfect solution and we are not competing against the whole world. We are competing with a limited number of competitors only. We do not need to be perfect, just a little bit better than others. Example is that if they have only 10 links, while you have 15, none of the links are relevant anyway, you still win.

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