Links To Your Site: Total Links VS. All Domains

Please understand that Google’s ranking is dynamic. Yesterday’s trick won’t necessarily win you tomorrow’s competition. There are two key factors we have to emphasize which are Google Webmaster’s  Total Links and All Domains, both numbers and domain list authorities count, they are all very critical to your website’s ranking. At the moment I found they are more important than “good” content which is relatively harder to judge, especially from data crawling perspective, so far.

Firstly let’s talk about “Links To Your Site”:

The number 8,742 are the total url each with a link pointing to website; To a starter, the number looks very attractive, I mean to a local service website owner. While, my point is, the number almost scared me to death. I’m probably on the edge of Google penalty. (I make other mistakes back to year 2009, one of my site experienced final automatic penalty, it was removed from Google database completely one morning, so I know what it is, i will put another post to share the lessons I learned, by a hard way)

Back to my point, I believe that any number beyond 10 links from one domain is suspicious. I do not need complicated calculation to understand that these websites are in some kind of deal, financially, manual beneficial or share the same owner or operator, administrator.  If it’s me to judge whether these links are fair play, I vote no, and I probably vote negative calculations.

These are the so called Full Site Links. But, No More Full Site Links; No More Footer Links!

Think about who will give you a full site link? As a small local business or service? You can explain to the judge that they are your friends, your brothers; That’s fair enough if you have a couple of full site links, but should I rank you higher simply because you and your brothers are linking each other? Or 5 of your brothers? What if they happen to be under the same web hosting, same DNS? Now I start to understand once I try to play the “smarter than Google” game, I’m a fool indeed.

My action: I removed all full site links, I have over 20 websites but I choose to interlink those either in the same region or related servies. I hope Google will refresh my data in a few months to come. I will update you how soon the links date can be refreshed by Google.

King Who Rules The Ranking Game: All Domains

What accurately counts more and more nowadays are independent domain numbers and their relativity, authority, quality…My number is good, so far it’s 160. I probably do the opposite because my number is way too high than most of the competitors in local painting businesses. So what I do is kind of strange or not necessary to many practitioners, you might not agree with me but I believe my result talks more later. I’m going to remove some links which I believe not relevant to painting business.

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