How Easy? Sub-category FTP

  1. Create your /directory/ sub-category new FTP account, share it with us. Give us your paypal account too.
  2. We upload standard business directory theme and sample files. all pure html, total size under 10M.
  3. Done, nothing else! There is a monthly new listing number counter on your /directory/, you will share 50% paid business directory listing fees monthly.


  • Why?
    Why Not? You will get a free link from; you receive monthly paid 50% listing fee share, remember we are working hard to market this service to millions of buyers; There is no investment, just a one time effort of creating a new ftp account for /directory/ sub-catogory.
  • How much money can I make?
    Without trying you never know the answer; You can set a higher sales price if you believe your website deserves it; We always agree it because we are 50%-50% share partners.
  • Would you insert code into my site?
    No, absolutely nothing. You can check the files we upload to /directory/. The new paid listings are updated by FTP pure hmtl file rewrites.
  • Do I need to add a link from my website anywhere to /directory/?
    Not required by us. It is up to you to decide.
  • Will more outgoing links do negative impact on my ranking?
    If you have the concern you can block the /directory/ from your robots.txt; The /directory/ files won’t be indexed in your sitemap; You key words density won’t be changed. However, if your site is strong enough, you can ignore all these factors.
  • Would you evaluate my site?
    No. Any sites can join, we suggest you to follow our price suggestions. People will choose where to buy.
  • I do not have hosting, or my extra FTP cost me money
    No worries, we have free hosting; Point your subdomain like to and let us know, your FTP will be set up, we share it.

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  • Where are the links?
    They will appear on; your submission will be in 1 of the 15 categories; After Paypal payment the result will be updated in about 1 minutes for FTP html rewrites.
  • Is link buys legal?
    Ask if online advertising legal, or online yellow book, business directories, paid associations and many other forms of links.
  • My extra FTP cost me money
    Solution: create a new A Record from your domain registration service provider like; Point it to; We provide Free hosting; There’s nothing extra you need to do; Just give us your email and paypal account, be ready to receive money.


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