How to Efficiently Build Back Links?

In the foreign trade SEO process, the external link is very important part of a lot of people in the confusion, repeat all day to do the same, those blogs ah, comments, forums, bookmarks and articles stand, web2.0, and rss resources, But do not know how to effect, adhere to, and the implementation of thinking, we must know how to do their own efficiency, useless resources, no matter how you update a waste of time.

External link construction is not blind to the implementation, we must have their own set of ideas, then how efficient construction of external links? Take a look at five points:

  • First, set out the construction of the chain method
    The first step we first list out their already know the method of building the chain, will list all the means, and then we according to the specific circumstances of the enterprise website to choose which to use. Here I listed a few: industry sites, industry forums, blog, links, links bait and so on.
    Link method list, we have to choose, according to the principle of a wide range of diversification, we have to use, for example, we have chosen to use the industry B2B platform, information platform, forums, blogs and links to our business Website construction outside the chain. (Link bait selected according to the actual situation, here aside, I will use an article in detail later.)
    Second, looking for outside the chain of resources
  • The second step we choose the method according to the outer chain to find outside the chain of resources to the principle of relevance, all of the industry B2B platform, information platform, related industry forums, blog platform with EXCEL table records, and record our current hand Able to change to the site or their own links to other sites already in their hands.
  • Third, the implementation of link building program
    Next, we began the construction of the entire chain of the implementation process. This process is hard, boring, but must (SEO may have SEO students how so tired, ah, always have to send outside the chain so much trouble, really a manual labor, tomorrow I will discuss this point with you. First of all, the analysis and evaluation of keywords, the general level of competition in the website, and then according to the strength of the competition to develop the chain plan, if the competition is strong, may require a more comprehensive long-term plans, such as the implementation of sprocket strategy, model. If the competition in general, the direct use of the above method combined with the implementation of it.
  • Fourth, the link building work breakdown
    Outside the chain plan which we must first have a goal, if there is no goal of anything that is difficult to complete, we do a good job in the early competitors analysis, combined with their own website, for a certain period of time to determine their own to increase to the number Outside the chain, this figure is the target. And then subdivided into various resources, such as B2B platform to the number of links to the number of links, so subdivision, we work together is a planned.
    At the same time, each type of link work to daily work, after a reasonable data or we work efficiently, we analyze the performance of the site when you can clearly see the work of each step of the link SEO The effect of what effect, when problems can quickly find out the reasons.
  • Record data properly
    Once the work outside the chain, we also want to record data every day, the growth of the chain, whether it was included, the frequency of recorded, etc. recorded, learn to hold the data analysis of the site. Outside the chain construction is a hard work, but we must learn to learn and think, do not do mechanical work, thinking more efficient method, analysis of various resources of the weight.

Also remember that we are not in the Internet to create spam, but let our target users have more understanding of our site’s entrance, so from this point of view, grasp the quality of the chain.

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