How soon will our backlinks be recognized by Google?

There are a couple of factors to discuss about how soon Google will recognize the links you bought from our In other words, how soon will Google crawl that link from Apachye /directory/ and count it as a back link to my site?

Let me give you some of my own purchase examples:

My Auckland local house painting business currently has 160 domains linked to it. I launched the website as general construction contracting, building company, local house builder and renovation. The website ranked high in 3 months, while by 10th month it was ranked as top 10-15 New Zealand building companies. Google ranking is one thing, the real business is totally another. I found it’s not my interests and advantage doing general construction contracting business, there are too many technical terms and relationships to learn. While good partnerships were hard to establish. 3 months ago I decided to change the business totally to house painting. I will try to make it a Auckland wide painting business franchise, with a unique business model of 50-50% net profit sharing.


No. 30; Shown in Google Webmaster in about 10 days.
No.38; Shown in Google Webmaster in about one week, counted by Google as a “links to your site”.

No.34; Shown in Google Webmaster in about one week

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