Friend Feed and Review Time

Friend Feed

Friend Feed is another great way to link up pages that don’t have RSS feeds and create another flood of backlinks to your pages. Signing up for an account is easy. As always don’t forget you can use your Gmail account to get multiple feeds to spread things out.

Once you have signed up and signed in look for your name or pen name in the top right hand corner and choose “settings”, then choose “Import a service” on the menu screen that pops up.

Then choose “See all 58 services” at the bottom of the service list. At the time of writing, that’s all the services Friend Feed have listed but by the time you read this there will probably be more, they add them all the time. By going through and linking up your

accounts on the other services you’ll automatically create a feed of everything you submit to them. That’s backlinks (and quicker indexing) for all of them. Don’t forget we need to get our Friend Feed page indexed as well and help build the link juice it provides so as always grab the RSS feed and submit it everywhere you can. Once you’ve done that you can social bookmark your Friend Feed page to lots of services.

Review Time

By this point in the guide my early proof readers were a bit confused as to what we’re constructing with our use of services like RSS aggregators, social bookmarking sites and sites like Friend Feed. Let’s take a moment to review what we’ve built and why it’s so useful.

So you’ve signed up at Friend Feed, linked it up to all your other services and submitted it to a load of RSS aggregator sites. Then you social bookmark a page in your authority wheel or on your main site using one of the services you’ve added to Friend Feed.

Because it’s one of the connected services Friend Feed adds an entry linking to your main site and updates its own RSS feed. This RSS feed results in updates to all the RSS directories and other sites that you’ve submitted it to resulting in a backlink from each of them.

So now instead of getting a single social bookmark link for your trouble you’re automatically getting dozens or more links all pointing to your target page. This technique works just as well if you use it to boost the value of your high PR backlink packets, getting them indexed faster and adding to how effective they are.

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