Free Website Hosting

Free Hosting, Free Domain Parking: We Host Your Website for FREE.

If you have registered a domain name which is currently not in use, point it to our server, we can host it for free for you with free FTP accounts, databases, email accounts and every else you need from a common paid hosting provider which probably charges you $10 to $100 a month. From us they are absolutely FREE, as long as we can create another FTP account for /directory/ sub-category so we can make money together by selling paid business directory submissions.

Why Not?

  1. Keep your registered domain name without an website is a waste of valuable resource, it’s not good to the domain name value in longer term either;
  2. It’s Free. All you need to do it to point it from your domain registration account to and let us know; We will do FTP, Email account, Email Setup, Database , and more regular hosting services without any costs; If you do not know how to do DNS record setting, ask your agent to do so. It takes 20 seconds only. Then it’s all well taken care of by us; 3. You start to make extra money by your newly established /directory/ paid business listing category, you do not even have to have a website at all.


Name Servers: NS


  2. FTP:
  3. Database:
  4. Email Accounts:

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