Change Content Or Create A New Domain?

You probably are experiencing the same problem as me at the moment: you have been running the website for a while but you find the real business is not going as well as you hoped, while you want to explore other business opportunities so you are thinking which way to go? To keep the domain and change the content totally? Or to register a new domain to start over again, with all those hard works from nothing step by step to the top?

My answer: Definitely Starting A New Domain!

Change Content: Advantages vs. Disadvantages.

  1. keep all the backlinks
  2. keep relevant content if there are any
  3. history is longer
  4. keep possible direct visits, if there are any
  • some backlinks might be irrelevant
  • some backlink anchor text are misleading, Google will be confused who you actually are
  • constant or dramatic content changes catagories your website as “not trusted” by Google
  • to be continued

Change Domain: Advantages vs. Disadvantages.

  1. no content confusion, easy to build trust with Google
  2. keep old as another business, who know what happens in the future
  3. learn from previous mistakes, higher chance to succeed this time
  • too much hard working
  • paid links wasted

Waiting Time? Which Could Be Faster?

I think it could be sooner for the new domain to climb higher. My reasons are:

  1. It takes more time for google to refresh the old content, even you request removals, Google keeps them for at least three months until it believes those contents are not relevant any more.
  2. Content changes suffers “un-trusted” Google’s observation on hold period, it could be a long term one, who knows.

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