10 Criterias for High Quality Back Links

Back links refers to the search engine, and other sites made links, high-quality external links means: and your site to establish links to the website of high visibility, traffic

Large, while relatively few external links, helps to quickly increase your site popularity and rank the links of other sites. External links have two main effects. A role is for the user, the user can click through the link to the A site B to bring visitors, the other is the role of the external chain. Then you can share part of the weight, A site link to the B site on behalf of A site to tell the search engine it trust B site, that B site is a good site to B site to cast a vote, so B site can be shared from the A site to a certain weight, and that the weight of the search engine is improved. Why is there a lot of external links on my page that are not as good as a few competitors? This may have a lot to do with the quality of external links. What kind of links are high quality of it? There are the following ten aspects:

  1. One-way link. The best external link is the initiative to give the other owners a one-way link, do not need to link back.
  2. Link anchor text. External links using the target keyword is of course the best external link. In the search engine ranking algorithm has a large proportion.
  3. Large flow, high visibility. If you can from the flow of large, well-known sites to get links, it must be a good external links.
  4. Content relevance. The topic of the page itself is associated with the linked page, and has a higher weight than the links that do not relate to the page.
  5. Page updates and snapshots. If the page in the search results in the snapshot is very new, that this page is often re-crawled by the search engine spiders. Such pages are not only weighted,
  6. Ticket strength is relatively high, but also means that the link can be added to be detected quickly, included in the ranking algorithm. This one is very important. Export the number of links. The more links on the page are exported, the less weight each link will get.
  7. Web site’s domain name, weight, ranking. The link domain name registration time, PR value and the home page target keyword ranking, have a direct impact on the link effect. Web site The longer the domain name, the better the rankings, indicating that the higher the weight of the other site, the link quality is also very good.
  8. Link location. By segmenting the page, the search engine can identify the weight of the links at these locations. The best external links appear in the body, because only in the body
    Is the most likely to have spontaneous links with editorial significance.
  9. Page Weights. When you get a difficult page link, you can get links from high-weight pages.
  10. The overall health of the site. Mainly to see the site’s PR value, including the situation, site size, site content, keywords and long-tail keywords keyword ranking situation.

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